3 Major Benefits of Short-Term or Temporary Storage

Published on 3/15/2021
3 Major Benefits of Short-Term or Temporary Storage 

No matter where we live and how big our household is, one common complaint is that we could all use more space. With homes currently getting smaller and layouts for new construction condos and apartments getting tighter, it is no wonder that more people are looking for offsite storage options. Perhaps you are in a stage of life where you don’t know where your next move might take you, so you need to look at short-term storage options. Regardless of what your specific situation may be, Country Club Road Storage will be sure to have the options and flexibility that you need. Read on to find out more about the benefits of our short-term and temporary storage options so you can have some peace of mind during tumultuous times. 

1. Timeline Flexibility 
The major benefit to temporary storage and what makes people gravitate towards it is that there is less commitment. You can rent out a storage unit for however long you decide to, without feeling obligated to keep it for longer than you need. Perhaps you recently sold your home and need somewhere to store items before you find your next place. Or, perhaps you are temporarily storing items that you plan on selling or giving away in the near future. Whatever the case may be, temporary storage allows you more flexibility with your timelines. At Country Club Road Storage, we offer month-by-month leases on units in a variety of sizes so you can choose the right amount of space for your needs and extend your lease if need be. We also offer smaller units or “mini storage” if you don’t plan on keeping a lot of items. If you are unsure of what unit size would work best for you, our storage consultants are available to help. We value your time and space and want to ensure we are making the best of it. 

2.  Affordable and Cost-Effective 

Why pay for space that you don’t need? Simply put, temporary or short-term storage units are more cost-effective if you’re not sure how long you will need them because you aren’t forced into a long-term commitment. Don’t pay for more than you need and put your money to better use. Your storage unit should work for you, not the other way around! 

3.  Convenient Access 

Located in Crawfordsville City Limits, Country Club Road Storage units are accessible 7 days a week for your convenience. This ensures that you can come and go as you please, without the need for a manager to grant you access to your belongings. So, whether you just need some extra space for a few months or aren’t sure how long you’ll be needing a unit, Country Club Road Storage can accommodate your needs. We never try to lock our clients into long-term contracts and can offer you a unit on lease for just one month at a time. There is no pressure or need for a long-term commitment! For more information on short-term and temporary storage solutions, please call Country Club Road Storage at 765-323-2200. You can also rent online 24 hours a day at www.countryclubroadstorage.com.